Who We Are
The deep roots of our land are harvested and worked for provide the emblematic Mexican fruit, Tequila Mando de Origen. Distilled beverage with pre-Hispanic origin, nectar of the Gods, a gift from them to see their commands (Mando) on earth, an origin mixed with the old world.

Made only with the best blue agave cultivated in the reddish territories of Jalisco. Mando is an ode to the Jimadores, is the elixir of the Mexican traditions. Mando is for those with great taste.

Mexico Turned Into Tequila
Mando de Origen Tequila, meticulously crafted in the heart of Jalisco, represents a pinnacle of excellence in the world of spirits production. Rooted in centuries of tradition and expertise, the production process of Mando Tequila is a harmonious blend of artistry and science. The journey begins with the careful selection of mature blue agave plants, cultivated under the region’s sun-soaked fields. The piñas, or heart of the agave, are then harvested by skilled jimadors (harvesters), who extract the succulent cores with precision honed over generations.
The process
These piñas are then slowly baked in traditional brick ovens, allowing the natural sugars within to caramelize and develop rich flavors. The roasted piñas are crushed to extract their precious juices, which are then fermented using a proprietary yeast strain. This fermentation process is closely monitored to ensure the optimal balance of flavors and aromas that define Mando Tequila’s distinctive profile. Following fermentation, the liquid undergoes meticulous distillation in copper pot stills, a method that refines the spirit and captures the essence of the agave.
The final product
The final product, Mando de Origen Tequila, emerges from the distillation process with its unique character intact. It is then aged to perfection in a combination of white oak barrels, carefully chosen to complement the tequila’s natural attributes. During aging, the spirit matures and absorbs intricate notes of vanilla, chocolate, and spice from the barrels, achieving a harmonious balance that delights the senses. Each bottle encapsulates the essence of Jalisco’s terroir, the wisdom of generations, and the pursuit of excellence. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation of a masterfully crafted cocktail, Mando Tequila offers an unparalleled sensory experience that transcends time and borders.
Our products
Dive into our different Tequila blends

Tequila Blanco

Mando de Origen
Tequila Blanco

In the sun-drenched fields of Jalisco, where the agave plants spread like a sea of green thorns, a sacred elixir is born: Mando de Origen Tequila Blanco. It is in this corner of the earth where nature merges with the passion of man to create a distillation that is liquid poetry.

Mando de Origen Tequila Blanco, with its transparency and purity, is a mirror that reflects the very essence of Jalisco. Like the crystal that adorns the glasses, this distillate keeps in its heart the soul of a land full of traditions and culture. Each sip is a trip to the agave fields, to the land where this wonder was born.

But this tequila is not only an exquisite distillate, it is also a thread that unites Jalisco with its emblematic monument: La Minerva. Like the Roman goddess of wisdom, this imposing statue in the heart of Guadalajara represents greatness and reason. In each toast, the crystalline tequila honors La Minerva, as if she were offering a tribute to her ancestral wisdom.

Mando de Origen Tequila Blanco flows with the same smoothness and elegance with which the goddess Minerva guides the wise. Its seductive aroma with notes of cooked agave, herbal and citrus nuances, give way to its exquisite flavor, standing out the caramelized agave, with notes of nuts such as almonds and spices such as pepper and anise, with a citrus touch of orange and bergamot, together they will make each drink an act of communion with the land, with history, with the very essence of Jalisco.

Thus, in each glass of Mando de Origen Tequila Blanco, Jalisco and its essence are honored, while La Minerva smiles with the certainty that the legacy of this union will endure in history and in the hearts of those who know how to appreciate the art of alchemy in every drop of this crystalline elixir.

Tequila Reposado

Mando de Origen
Tequila Reposado

Under the warm embrace of the sun, in the blue agave fields of Jalisco, a treasure is forged: Tequila Mando de Origen Reposado. Like the passage of time that softens rough edges, this elixir rests in white oak barrels, acquiring a wisdom that only patience can grant. Its amber color, like the sunset on the horizon, reflects the warmth and passionate spirit of this land.

Tequila Mando de Origen Reposado, in each drop, keeps a fragment of the history and spirit of Jalisco. It is the reflection of the art and dedication of expert hands that have mastered the alchemy of its distillation. Each sip is an encounter with tradition, a connection with the roots of this generous land.

But this tequila is not just a drink, it is a bridge that unites Jalisco with the majesty of Mexico City, with its emblematic monument: El Ángel de la Independencia. Like the Roman goddess Victoria who represents triumph, this imposing figure exalts the skies of the metropolis, rising with grace and glory.

In each toast, this reposado tequila pays homage to the Angel, as if he were offering a tribute to his strength and courage. The monument, at the same time, protects in its haughty look the memory of the fight and the victory. A victory that finds an echo in every drop of this distillation.

The Mando de Origen Tequila Reposado, in its smoothness and character, is like the golden statue of the Angel, which stands proudly in Mexico City, whose aroma with a strong presence of oak barrels and caramelized agave, invites you to taste its excellent and robust flavor resulting from a long maturation of 10 months in white oak barrels, with an aged mixture of vanilla and chocolate, with light notes of maple and black pepper, and a subtle grape finish.

Just as the Angel of Independence crowns the city with his presence, Mando de Origen Tequila Reposado crowns each celebration, bringing the flavor and essence of Jalisco to all corners of the world.